Remember Window Blinds are dangerous to children, make sure your Blinds are safe 

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- WARNING ON BLINDS LinkAdvocates warn of window blind cord danger

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How to install your window Blinds in your new Las Vegas home? 

Rather than spending lots of bucks to get someone to install your window blinds for you, why not do it yourself?

The process isn't difficult as it sounds. To install blinds in your Las Vegas home you'll need some tools.

< Drill, tape measure, bits and a screw driver. 

Measuring and Determining the Mount for your new window blinds.

Purchase your blinds according to the sizes you measured, But remember to buy your blinds only in a Blinds Las Vegas local business so if your blinds are a little off you wont have to send them in the mail back and forth.

Make your mounting marks for your Blinds before you start to mount the Blinds.

Attaching the Brackets; All you have to do is open the doors to the brackets and mark with a pencil before mounting with screws. 

Blinds in Las Vegas should be pre-drilled as most builders put medal trim under the paint on the corner of the windows. 

Each blinds bracket comes with 2 or 4 screws. When drilling into wood, use a 1/16-inch diameter drill bit to make a hole that is slightly smaller than the screw that you will use to secure your bracket. Replace the bracket and drill your screws into place.  

But If you are drilling into plaster, drywall, tile, concrete, brick or stone, use appropriate screws, plugs or anchors and follow the specific instructions that come with the Blinds instructions. 

Next you should be installing your Blinds Valance

Valance clips are used to attach the head rail to the valance. The valance is what covers the rail at the top also known as a head rail.

The valance clips snaps over the front lip of the head rail before the head rail is inserted into the bracket. 

Place the head rail into the brackets and make sure it feels like it would support the weight of the Blinds. 

Attach the valance into place along the head rail in the position it should be in. You should always read the instructions to make sure that what you're doing is correct, and this is where buying from a Las Vegas Blinds dealer comes into play as you really have someone to talk to. 

Install the Blinds wand and try it several times before you feel the job is done.

We do not recommend installing Blinds if your not a professional

Find a Blinds Las Vegas installation company links;  YP  - YELP  -  DEX  -  BBB  - SUPERPAGES.COM 

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Just for common knowledge not to be used by do it yourself people. This information is for licensed professional Handyman only

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