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Business Marketing 

Las Vegas Business Marketing is something we take great pride in every single day. We have businesses that rely on what we do to keep them in charge of their industry everyday. Our Las Vegas business marketing team is build from successful business owners themselves. They have everything from real life business experience to the proper education to do what they do. We will research everything from your demographics to develop marketing strategies to even trouble shooting what your doing wrong currently. Business marketing in Las Vegas can be very frustrating when you don't have a company like HG Design who has done everything from marketing a business to the next level to making a company's name the most desired company to do business in a particular field. 

We know what we're doing and we do it very well.

Event Marketing

Whether you business is having a grand opening or just a new promotion. HG Design can handle everything from radio ads to creating marketing strategies. Event marketing is something that any size business can benefit from. In most cases we also get our business marketing department involved so they can do research as to where should we advertise your Las Vegas business event. 

Interior Design  

Interior Design is the first thing that your customers see when they come to you business establishment. If your company needs that special atmosphere, we will put a team together to achieve your needs.

Name Branding  

Name branding a company's product or corporate name brand is something that needs a lot of attention. To create a positive name brand there has to be many components put into the branding.  Our Las Vegas team has the knowledge and the background to give any name branding the right formula to reach the proper demographics as well as the proper advertising production with the right PR that your company deserves. 

Advertising Production   

Advertising Production is something we've done before the internet was even an option. We can provide everything from talent, script, audio/video production and much more. 

Web Design 

Web Design in today's world is one of the first thing a business should do. The first image a customer has about your Las Vegas business in most cases is the website your company has on the web. It could do everything from enticing the customer to repel them to go somewhere else. It's our Job to make sure that we use everything from positive psychology to eye grabbing picture positioning to what we call relevant quick content (also know to us as HRC). Our Las Vegas web design builders are experienced in all these fields and have the background to bring your company to new heights like no other. HG Design has never been hired by any company without meeting or beating the company's expectations. 

Las Vegas websites designs are not all created equal 

Our Services