What type of moving services do most moving companies offer? 

When we started to talk to a local Las Vegas moving company about what type of services they offered here is what Frontier Movers of Las Vegas told us. In most cases you'll get calls for the need of movers in Las Vegas for local needs and what this means is that a lot of locals are staying in Las Vegas they are simply put using our Las Vegas movers services to move from one Las Vegas home to another Las Vegas home. These people are not leaving our town they are just relocating right here in our amazing town. In most cases when someone is using our Las Vegas moving company they are packing their own boxes and they are also assembling their own furniture. Now just to be clear Frontier Movers of Las Vegas does handle assembly and packing it's just that most local moves are doing it to save money. Our movers Las Vegas service do handle many type of services like Furniture assembly and Set-Up, Long Distance Moving, Local Moving, Commercial Moving, Residential Moving, Office Moving, Give Free Estimates, Sale Boxes/Supplies, and Packing. 

The one thing that we did notice is people who are moving long distance have tendencies to have us do more. Things like pack for them or assemble furniture. This might be do to the fact that maybe their job is paying for them to relocate so they are getting reimbursed for hiring our Las Vegas moving company. Many times when people hire movers Las Vegas companies they are trying to save some money so we do give them options on how to do so. Lets face it moving isn't cheap and if you need to make it more affordable there are things you could do like pack it yourself or even put all the packed boxes in the garage so it takes less time to load it to the truck. But no matter what you do before you hire Las Vegas movers get three estimates at least and that way you'll have an idea what is a fair market price. 

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