As security is just as important as the next thing. Most of us are not aware how vulnerable are locks are at home or business. When we talked to Zack who is a locksmith in Las Vegas Zack showed us how most business in Las Vegas can be opened in seconds. 

​I was personally flabbergasted by how easy our locksmith made it look like with just about no effort to unlock a commercial business with simple tools. He never picked it he never used a skeleton key all he needed was simple pliers and a flat head screw-driver. What our Las Vegas locksmith was proving to us is that most of us don't know how easy a bad guy can just come in and take what he wants. 

Our Las Vegas locksmith also recommended a double sided locking system if allowed by law on most front doors or any door that has a window with in reach as thieves could easly break a window and turn the lock from the inside allowing them to just walk in. For safety reasons you should consider each situation differently but know all your locksmith options before making a decision. 

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Here is a locksmith showing how to replace a mortise lock on a business and never pointing out that with out a guard this business is extremely vulnerable.