As a business owner myself I've done many business recommendations, but I have never done a supporting staff recommendation. It's at Balanced Minds Centers that I saw staff support like no other. Balanced Minds Centers of Las Vegas offers Social worker counselors, therapists, and a psychiatrist Las Vegas services. 

​The team was so polite and caring and as you can imagine a business like Balanced Minds Centers needs to have what I would call personal touch. After all it's all about the clients well being. 

 The staff was so courteous and good natured that I had to ask is everyone here like that? The answer that I got was even nicer than expected. Yes, working here means you work for business owners that are all about you  having a good day, the owners don't want anyone doing work for a living that doesn't make them happy. 

After that, I decided that this is the kind of place I would be proud to do business with.

Type of service that Balanced Minds Center offers ( Psychiatrist Las Vegas Services and more). 

- Therapist services 

- Individual/ Family/Group Psychotherapy

- Clinical professional counselors 

- Medication Management 

- Conflict and anger management 


Psychiatrist services 


    More information about Balanced Minds Centers and their Las Vegas Psychiatrist available services 


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