Information page about Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas a Las Vegas Window Shutters provider in sales and in Installation. 

Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas is managed by Ben who is the day to day operation manager and the Las Vegas Shutters installation supervisor.  As a local Las Vegas window shutters company Sun Off Shutters offers many types of Shutters and they come in many colors. When choosing shutters for you Las Vegas home you should know exactly what you're getting as most people think that all shutters are created equal - and that can't be anymore further than the truth. 

If you get a chance to talk to Ben you're going to hear about some shutters that's for sure so here we go. 

1. Canadian ​Shutters are the lightest shutters on the market today. About 30% of Shutters sold in Las Vegas seem to be this type of window shutters. These shutters have a unique texture with a blend of delicacy and smoothness. They resembles the finish of a Sequoia tree. Using these shutters is very ideal for humid zones but that's not a must in Las Vegas as our shutters don't have those issues here.

​2. Basswood Shutters are the second lightest shutters sold by Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas. It's popularity has gone up considerably in the last five years. These shutters have a much more grainy texture giving the appearance of a much more expensive product than it actually is . The normal colors of these shutters is light and contains a shallow tint. When our Las Vegas Shutters customers order this particular product we make sure it's coated with a polyurethane seal - making this shutters last many years in our Las Vegas weather. 

​3. Teak Shutters are what some people say are the most beautiful shutters sold in Las Vegas today. The rich natural oils these shutters contain provide protection allowing these shutters to last for years and years to come. But as most Shutters Las Vegas products go, it is one of the most expensive shutters seen in the Las Vegas market. (The Henderson shutters market as well) 

​4. Plastic shutters are actually Vinyl Shutters. These Shutters are water proof and seem to be used a lot in restaurants as well as many other types of Las Vegas businesses. Vinyl shutters are inexpensive and have a great price points. And for those reasons Plastic shutters are the number one sold shutters in Las Vegas. ''These Shutters contain no wood''. 

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